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LOST SOULS Learn How To Open Your Mind And Expand Your Being


The Diet Solution Reviews

The Diet Solution by Isabel De Los Rio

the diet solution reviewsThe Diet Solution is an amazingly flexible program that will show you how to lose belly fat and educate you in which foods  are best for your body’s metabolism. Choosing the most suitable foods and portion sizes becomes second nature and you learn to ‘listen’ to your body The Diet Solution has a holistic approach and now I wake up every day feeling healthy and happy and positive.


The Diet Solution Rules


The Diet Solution contains several strategies which are easy to follow and will keep you interested.


Step 1 there is a Metabolism Test that is straightforward and is a series of twenty -five questions with two options to choose from. The score obtained tells you whether you a Protein Type person, a Carb Type or a Mixed Type. Each type of metabolism is then explained in detail with information on how to fit this into your own diet, including foods you should eat and those that should be limited. I found this test fun to do and being a Carb Type I have an easy strategy to follow which works.


In Step 2 you are advised to keep a food journal and record everything you eat and how you felt afterwards, including the length of time you remained full. This may sound dull but it is only for a few months and is essential to get a feel for your body and how different foods affect it. Templates for this journal are included together with lists of good feelings and bad feeling.


Step 3 The Diet Solution helps you to choose the best foods.  As a general rule, if a food is natural then it is fine to eat but it is best to avoid processed foods. Artificial and unnatural foods include frozen meals, cookies and cakes, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup or any foods containing these products. The effects of these foods on the body are then detailed to give a comprehensive account of the benefits or harm that they present.


Isabel, in Chapter 4, turns her attention to calories and discusses exactly what is meant by the word and common misunderstandings about counting calories. It is best to lose weight by using up your body fat and to do this not only the number of calories but also the source of those calories is even more important. You have to eat the foods that are the best for your metabolic type so that your body performs at its ideal metabolic rate and does not therefore hold onto the excess fat stores.  The ratio of carbohydrates, protein and fat that is ideal for you can be found in the Chapter on Daily Meal Planning. Some calories therefore are healthier than others and depending on the source they have different effects on body metabolism. This Diet Solution Program allows you to make educated choices about the food from which you obtain calories. Ideally counting calories should not be necessary and you should ‘listen’ to your body to tell you when you are full. Sometimes this must be relearned because life’s stresses also have an impact on how much food we eat. The Diet Solution therefore recommends you estimate, with guidance, how many calories you need daily to lose weight without putting your body in starvation mode and so use this as a guide to portion sizes. As you become more ‘in tune’ with your body future meal plans can be adjusted.


The next Chapter helps you create a personal Diet Solution Meal Plan by using charts showing

  • Allowable Servings
  • Ideal Food Ratios For Each Metabolism Type
  • Food Choices Chart

Examples are given to show you how to complete every step and several Sample Meal Plans show you how you record what you eat including the number of servings of protein, carbohydrate and fat.


Part 2 of The Diet Solution concentrates on choosing the best foods for your weight loss and health by looking more closely at different food groups and nutrients. The benefits of organic foods are discussed, including animal management. Foods which contain a lot of pesticides are listed and compared with conventionally produced foods so that organic foods can be introduced into the diet in stages rather than all at once if need be. The role of fats in the diet is discussed and the different types of fats are looked at in a little more depth that allows you to make informed choices.


Diet Solution Reviews
There are several information guides within the solution. It includes a delicious recipe guide that use natural ingredients and are easy to make with very few instructions. The many recipes included offer a wide variety of choices and flavors so that your eating plan is varied and interesting and does not become boring.

A shopping guide lists the ingredients to buy and gives help on what to look for on the label. For example meat that is described as ‘natural’ is not organic. There is lots of useful information to clarify the confusing language used on many products. If you have difficulty finding the right ingredients then suggestions, such as using Amazon are there to help you. Indeed other diet programs are occasionally recommended if considered good in combination with The Diet Solution Program.


Throughout the Diet Solution there are internet links to information and more detail if required and all areas allow your own input if you find foods or recipes to suit you. This includes the healthy foods shopping list.


The Diet Solution Food Journal allows you to record what you eat including the servings of protein, fat and carbohydrates. It also contains an exercise log. This is all approached in a positive way and you are able to note how you feel and what you have accomplished together with what you need to do the following week since nobody is perfect from the start. Nothing is compulsory and the aim is to instill a feeling of success and wellbeing


Diet Solution Reviews


Finally, because there is a lot of information within the program a Quick Start Guide is included which allows you to adjust your diet immediately and lose belly fat quickly. It tells you what to remove from your cupboards and how to replace them with healthier alternatives. This includes sections on how to carefully choose dairy and fats. Rather than changing the whole of your diet immediately which, can be somewhat daunting, it suggests you read the list of principles involved in the diet and then choose two of these principles to follow and then when they are a part of your life add another two. This diet is for life and so there is no rush to take it all on board at once which means it can be started quite slowly and gradually built up. Every alteration made, however small, will be an improvement in your diet and therefore your health.


The author is very well informed, continues to research foods and health and is approachable and willing to answer questions. This Diet Solution therefore has a personal touch and makes you feel that you are not alone but are part of a community.


Visit the Diet Solution site here


How to Eat Great and Lose Weight

Snacking on dried out rice cakes and wilted lettuce leaves is no way to spend your mealtimes. You don’t have to eat bland, boring foods just to trim up. It is possible to eat great and lose weight all at the same time. If you choose quality foods and have a willingness to try new things, you can get down on delicious meals and shed pounds too.

Choose the Right Foods

You can’t possibly lose weight if the foods you use to prepare you meals are unhealthy and loaded with calories. When you avoid processed nonsense and stick with fresh ingredients, you can’t go wrong. Anything boxed, frozen, jugged or canned is considered processed and has no place in a healthy diet.

Foods that should be staples in your healthy meal plans include fresh fish, naturally raised meats, organic poultry, organic whole eggs, raw nuts, fresh herbs, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Natural foods are better for you because they are low in calories and filled with plenty of nutrients your body can use.

Also, natural foods aren’t loaded with a laundry list of additives that contribute to weight gain, diabetes, cancer, hypertension and other health problems.

Experiment with Recipes, Flavors and Cooking Methods

I love grilled chicken, but if I had to eat if every day, I’d go bananas—I imagine you would too. Free yourself from the bondage of humdrum, tasteless meals by experimenting with recipes. Thumb through cookbooks, surf the Internet and use your imagination to whip up meals you can’t wait to sink your teeth into.

When you come across recipes that have unhealthy ingredients, simply swap the bad ingredients out for healthier ones. For instance, if a recipe calls for milk, you can replace this ingredient with coconut or almond milk. Also, don’t be afraid to switch out spices and seasonings to add a new flavor to a dish. The Diet Solution can show you how.

Vary your cooking methods to keep things fresh and give food a different taste. For instance, if you always broil your steak, try sautéing it, or covering it with olive oil and dropping it on the grill. All of these cooking methods are healthy and easy to master.

Sample Recipes to Help You Eat Great and Lose Weight

Healthy French Toast:

2 slices of Sprouted Grain, Spelt or Rice bread
1 tablespoon of real butter
2 whole organic eggs
maple syrup
Directions: Mix the eggs in a bowl. Dip the bread in the egg mixture until it is completely coated on both sides. Heat a pan on low to medium heat and add the butter. Once the butter is melted, add the egg coated bread and cook each side for 3 to 4 minutes. Sprinkle the toast with cinnamon and serve it with 2 teaspoons of maple syrup.

Baked Chicken a la Isabel (one of my creations)

1 whole baking chicken
extra virgin coconut oil
your favorite Italian spices (I use thyme, parsley, oregano, garlic powder, sea salt and pepper)
Directions: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Place 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in a small pan and melt it over low heat. Mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of each of your spices in a small bowl and pour in the melted coconut oil. Mix all the ingredients together. Let the spice and coconut oil mixture cool.

Rub the spice and oil mixture under the skin of the chicken with your hands. Once the chicken is completely coated, place it breast side down in a glass baking pan and pop it in the oven. Let the chicken cook for 1 to 2 hours until it’s done.

There’s nothing boring or tasteless about the above recipes. If you’re creative and are willing to experiment with new recipes, you can chow down like this everyday and look fantastic doing it.






Your dream of permanent weight loss is just a reach away. Watch this video to find out how The Diet Solution Program can help you eat great and lose weight.


Isabel De Los Rios’ The Diet Solution Program Review

Is The Diet Solution Program by Isabel De Los Rios really the best diet plan for weight loss? That is precisely what I decided to find out.

I have heard about this program for quite some time, from a variety of different sources, but I’ve never been one to take someone else’s word for it. I have always wanted to lose weight and I’ve tried diet after diet with little or no results, so I decided to give just one more system a try.

Read on for my “The Diet Solution Program” Review

The Diet Solution Program claims to be an all-inclusive weight loss system that not only helps you lose that pesky body fat, but also guarantees that you will experience an increase in overall health, vitality and energy as well. Those are some pretty big promises, but does it really work?

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Considering the variety of diet programs available on the internet and elsewhere these days, why do so many people swear by The Diet Solution Program?

Isabel De Los Rios is the Key

Prior to looking at the actual system, I’d like to give you a bit of background about the woman behind The Diet Solution Program, Isabel De Los Rios. She is a nutrition and fitness professional with ten years of experience under her belt. She has helped countless clients achieve their goal weights and specialized experience helping folks with such illnesses as high cholesterol, heart disease, and even diabetes.

Isabel boasts some impressive academic qualifications in both exercise physiology and nutrition. Earlier in her life, Isabel struggled with both her own weight problems and her own mother’s diabetes which drove her to seek help for both herself and her mom. The Diet Solution Program was created from her 15 years of studying the very best nutrition and fitness methods around the globe.

Additionally to her personal struggles with weight loss and diabetes, Isabel has been a fitness and nutrition professional for the past decade. She has personally helped hundreds of clients in her very own center. Her practical experience helping herself and clients coupled with all of the information she learned throughout her 15 years of research have been instrumental in the creation of The Diet Solution Program.

I should warn you, if you are interested in a regurgitation of the same old basic nutrition and fitness concepts that other diet programs give, then you’d best look elsewhere. Isabel takes a completely new approach to weight loss based on her own experience and many years of researching what ACTUALLY works for people rather than scientific concepts that work well on paper but fail to help people in real life.

The Video of Isabel De Los Rios – The Author of The Diet Solution Program


How it Works

What most people want to know right off the bat is, “What is The Diet Solution Program?” According to Isabel, her program is absolutely the most in-depth and complete manual of nutrition in the marketplace today. Not only does Isabel coach you on precisely what guidelines you need to stick to in order to reach your goal weight, she also provides you with the actual meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists to get you there.

Unlike other programs on the market, The Diet Solution doesn’t force you to stick to some drastic, (potentially dangerous), diet in order to lose weight. It realistically shows you how you can incorporate healthy eating into a fulfilling lifestyle. And, for those of you who have ever tried to lose weight before, you likely already realize that the only way to keep the weight off is to maintain a healthy diet and fitness program throughout your life.

What really attracted me to Isabel De Los Rios’ program is that it is not an excruciating, drastically restrictive diet. She teaches you how you can prepare delicious food combination that will allow you to not only lose weight, but keep it off.
Among the best outcomes of the program are the dramatic increases in both vitality and health that participants experience. Other benefits reported by users of The Diet Solution include an increase in energy, a reduction of digestion problems and discomfort, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and even clearer skin.

But again, I am not swayed but the experiences of others, do I was determined to try this system for myself. I have to admit, TDS left me feeling energized and it helped me lose the weight I have tried so hard for many years to lose. Now I am the one recommending it to everyone I know. But you don’t have to take my, or anyone else’s word for it, just take a look at what you’ll get.

What’s Included in The Diet Solution Program:

Thorough day-to-day meal plans which make deciding what to eat simple
Detail shopping lists to make finding what you need at the store a snap
Delectable recipes for totally tasty dishes every day
Detailed guide that shows you exactly how to achieve your dream of weight loss
The Diet Solution is packed full of information that can help you lose weight, but Isabel De Los Rios have made getting started even easier. She gives people a Quick Start Guide to get them on the path to weight loss fast. Many clients are able to lose as much as 10-15 pounds using just the strategies in the Quick Start Guide!

The Diet Solution Program is ideal for folks who have had trouble with their weight their whole lives and who are fed up with diet plans that don’t keep the weight off for the long haul. This program is likewise great for individuals who need to manage their health in order to reverse or prevent serious medical conditions like heart disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

And That’s Not All…

This is by far the best offer I have found when it comes to weight loss, and you don’t have to take MY word for it…

The Diet Solution Program by Isabel De Los Rios’ is supported by a full 90-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

Right now, The Diet Solution Program is being offered to a limited number of people at a drastically discounted price. Take a look at this outstanding program now for the absolute best value.

Click Here to Visit The Diet Solution Program’s Website Right NOW!


The Diet Solution – Stop Dieting… Start Eating

The Diet Solution – Stop Dieting… Start Eating
Many people have tried out all of the various diet concepts on the market today. From carb counting to Adkins programs, there are a wide range of possibilities out there that work for some people but somehow not for everybody else. The struggle to lose weight has now been simplified, thanks to the easy to follow the diet solution and the phenomenal results that come with following it.
Isabel de los Rios is the founder of the diet solution program. As a fully certified nutritionist and exercise specialist, she is well qualified to speak about the best way to lose weight and be physically fit. As a nationally traveling speaker, Isabel has taken this diet on the road to help more than thirty thousand people lose weight so far.

With the Diet Solution Program’s revolutionary concepts, Isabel lays to rest a number of popular myths about dieting. She explains the reason that cutting back on a person’s calories is perhaps the worst possible practice that one can engage in trying to lose weight. Counting calories does not work out for weight loss over the longer term. She also explains that carbs are really not the enemy. In fact, on the diet solution, a person is capable of partaking of a nice range of healthy fat burning carbohydrates. Isabel goes through the health foods that are actually not so healthy, and that cause an individual’s body to actually store up fat. Lastly, she relates to readers that a great amount of food has to be eaten in order for weight to be lost from the body. This is true despite the fact that numerous individuals have been misled into believing that the opposite is the case. Isabel relates how the only thing that limited food intake will cause a body to do is to hoard and store fat, instead of shredding it.
Three Principals of the Diet Solution Program
Isabel de los Rios has created the diet solution that is so easy to follow. While many other diets are tasteless and boring, or all consuming, her diet is fun and simple. In it, she stresses only three principals for anyone to follow. These are that it is important to learn about the foods that accelerate the burning of fat in the body. The second principal is to learn about the foods that are keeping the body from burning fat. Finally, the third principal is to combine the proper foods in a certain combination in order to achieve the best fat burning effect. These are all that is involved in learning to follow the diet solution program.
Foods That Are Discouraged Versus Encouraged on This Diet
Sugar and sugary foods are heavily discouraged on the diet solution. This not only includes the standard category of desserts, but also fruit juices and white bread, among other foods. Bad carbohydrates are also discouraged. This stands in contrast to good carbohydrates that are permitted, such as rice, grain bread, millet, sweet potatoes, and millet. Bad fats are also not to be eaten on the diet, while other good fats are encouraged. Bad fats are margarine, canola oil, and other substitute butters. The right kinds of fats will encourage a body to actually burn fat. These helpful fats include olive oil, real butter, coconut oil, and raw nuts. In other words, foods that cause the body to hoard fat are bad, while foods that encourage the body to burn fats are desirable.
Results of the Diet Solution
Typical results on the diet solution program are impressive. Average people lose between three and ten pounds in the first week on the diet. There is consistent weight loss each week after this too, though the amount will vary.









The Diet Solution Program and Review



The reason why We are composing this particular? Nicely, after i had been considering purchasing the Diet plan Answer, presently there weren’t numerous actual evaluations close to and so i believed I’d create 1 rapidly to assist some of a person who're within the exact same placement We had been. Additionally, We think about personally a specialist upon weight reduction publications simply because I've purchased 100′s associated with junk types previously not really the actual dit answer. However end up being cautioned, I’ll end up being starting both negative and positive factors, therefore in the event that that’s some thing you will possibly not wish to listen to, then you can too depart right now.

This diet Answer Plan provides an whole as well as thorough fat loss strategy in the diet plan answer which will not basically permit you to get rid of excess fat, even though can make particular a person offers enhanced vigor, well being in addition to endurance, most concurrently. Thinking about all of the diet plans obtainable in addition to on the internet at this time, exactly why is this technique any kind of various when compared with each of the other people? This diet Answer is really a small various.

Before you decide to tend to be informed regarding the body, let's have a great look at the professional running this technique (fast be aware, I've Isabel’s prior to as well as following photo’s for that easy cause We wouldn’t allow the digital camera inside 10 kilometers associated with me personally after i experienced my personal pounds issue). Isabel De Los Rios is surely a diet plan as well as work out professional employing a 10 years associated with knowledge helping clients accomplish his / her greatest bodyweight in addition to cope with difficulties such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, AS WELL AS higher cholesterol.

Isabel offers a very substantial academic certification within nutrition in addition to physical exercise physiology. Isabel’s understanding together with the woman's individual body weight problems, in addition to the woman's mother’s severe diabetes aimed the woman's in order to search for the very best nourishment knowledge currently available. This diet Answer Plan came into being due to the woman’s 15 12 months investigation as well as research. I've in addition talked along with Isabel concerning the woman's training in addition to instruction background, as well as I’m likely to end up being sincere, this ended up amazing, as opposed to another so-called “health experts”, which are merely going after main circulation diet plan deals. Isabel provides her very own target audience the data with the details: the truth is very little you have by no means actually invested just as much period because Isabel to investigate, research in addition to determine everything she's.

Furthermore, Isabel is really a large nourishment in addition to workout professional and it has already been going back 10 years and it has appropriately handled numerous customers inside the woman's own individual middle, supervisory weight reduction achievement applications. This sort of useful understanding of real people solidified the truth in addition to ideas she’d found inside books, magazines in addition to through extra well being specialists. The particular proof actually was in the final results associated with accurate people getting involved in this diet answer. Really, Isabel’s content material is extremely groundbreaking when it comes to the woman's nourishment ideas as well as that’s the reason why the woman's technique works well at any time as well as main-stream diet plan drop toned. If you're trying to find the conventional diet plan suggestions proven in many extra instructions in addition to programs now available, it isn't really the machine for you personally.

These days among the main queries concerning this technique is just, “Exactly what's This diet Answer Plan? ”

Nicely as reported by Isabel, this diet answer may be the the majority of considerable in addition to thorough nourishment manual available at this time. This doesn’t just coach you on exactly what ideas you need to stick to to be able to eventually accomplish your own ideal pounds, this gives you the actual diet plans, buying listings as well as examined quality recipes to do this. This particular doesn’t pressure a number of serious, uncommon processes for reducing your weight. This truly teaches you the easiest method to understand this wholesome approach to consuming in to a life-style. Obviously, in the event that you’ve actually attempted in order to lose fat formerly, you will be aware in order to in order to maintain this is really to actually allow it to be the life-style.

The great thing concerning Isabel’s “the diet plan solution” is actually this brand-new life-style simply isn’t a few torturous dinner preparing technique. Your woman truly tells a person that you might eat tasty foods, combined the right method, in order to shed pounds as well as maintain this away while using diet plan answer.

This diet Answer: Could it be this diet answer greatest?

One of the better unwanted effects in the whole strategy is the enhanced health insurance and vigor that people experience. Cutbacks within blood sugar levels, reduced cholesterol, elevated power, elimination associated with digestive system stress in addition to cleaning pores and skin difficulties are merely some of the a number of benefits additional people possess formerly experienced.

Truthfully, I've utilized the machine individually in addition to advised to varied individuals. The reason why? Because of the fact We had been sick and tired of going after weight loss programs that possibly didn’t carry out as well as assisted me personally lose fat, nevertheless, created me personally really feel terrible. Certainly, I would like to become inside my ideal pounds nevertheless We similarly need to protect the healthful entire body concurrently and never have to use severe, revolutionary methods. This diet Answer Plan trained me personally to become lose fat in addition to really feel wholesome as well as energized concurrently. Main point here We dropped pounds as well as experienced wonderful, and that's the facts.

At this time realize that particular function through a person will probably be required, nevertheless Isabel offers genuinely finished all the hard function simply for a person. Found in the woman's program is actually:
* Step-by-step motion actions telling a person exactly how to create the actual ideas in place
* Thorough every day meals programs which will make daily eating easy
* Buying Listings to make outings to promote simple
* Delicious Quality recipes to create regular foods scrumptious

Your own guide is actually considerable. Packed with incredible, in addition to, advantageous knowledge. Nevertheless, a person don’t need to wait around to obtain car point just before having the ability to begin. You need to use Isabel’s Fast Begin Manual to do this plan because fast as you possibly can. Lots of people possess merely employed the actual fast begin manual as well as dropped 10-15lbs within less than 5 in order to 6 days.

This diet Answer

This diet Answer Plan critically isn’t another fat loss plan or even serious diet regime. This diet answer is actually the only real solution to lose weight as well as value forever associated with well being. This diet Answer Plan is actually perfect when you have fought using their personal body weight their own whole existence and for that reason, tend to be sick and tired of programs which merely don’t perform long-term. The actual DSP is also perfect for individuals who need to handle their very own health insurance and alter health issues for example diabetes, higher cholesterol in addition to cardiovascular disease.

Right now, We guaranteed a good uncensored undertake This diet Answer plan, this is the poor pieces tend to be much outweighed through the great pieces, nevertheless, the two primary points We founf had been which:

* I discovered this just a little however difficult to take at the start, however do study this once or twice after which everything created feeling
* We didn’t slim down truly quick in the beginning, that created me personally just a little stressed out about this. Nevertheless, We e-mailed Isobel as well as right here query had been “How would you really feel? ” – are you aware exactly what? We really experienced much better than I'd within age range, much more power as well as my personal constipation choose to go as well as We didn’t actually discover.

This isn't dieting, This diet Answer is really a vocation along with a life-style.

When you may be within the littlest little bit fascinated, We motivate a person check out very carefully Isabel’s program. We wound up becoming very astonished along with most from the Diet plan Answer Plan meals suggestions, the actual reward offers, the actual guarantee, as well as Isabel’s understanding. Regarding the price, it’s the best provide within the fat loss company. Consequently, much more efficient compared to weight reduction pills! As well as retain in mind…

Isabel De Los Rios’s This diet Answer Plan is going to be backed through the ninety day time cash back guarantee. As well as this is really a real assurance… when somebody is actually by no means completely pleased, an individual might acquire their own cash return, completely “no in the event that with no buts”. Consequently, a person genuinely possess practically nothing to get rid of. Aside from pounds Start your personal Inner Thought Right now – Follow the link beneath.


The Diet Solution Review From Author Isabel De Los rios


Concerning the Writer: Isabel De Los Rios

This diet Answer Plan may be the development associated with licensed nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios. De Los Rios may be the writer associated with “The Diet plan Answer Program” as well as who owns Brand new Entire body, the brand new Jacket health and fitness as well as nourishment middle. De Los Rios managed to graduate through Rutgers College having a level within physical exercise physiology, she's additionally a certified Alternative Nourishment Trainer, licensed through the Corrective Alternative Physical exercise Kinesiology (D. They would. At the. Nited kingdom) start within North park.

This diet Answer Plan Summary

This diet Solution’s primary viewpoint is dependant on the actual metabolic inputting theory. When you solution a number of queries you’ll have the ability to figure out which sort you're, each one of the kinds includes a particular nutritional strategy. The actual kinds tend to be seperated in to carb, proteins or even combined, as soon as you’ve finished your body kind evaluation as well as set of questions you’re after that in a position to improvement in order to selecting your diet plan.

BE AWARE: Comprehensive diet plans type a sizable the main Diet plan Answer as well as every physique is actually provided an extensive dinner intend to adhere to. You obtain more than 20 person complete times associated with foods as well as treats for each physique along with a large number of quality recipes.

There’s a definite concentrate on wellness using the Diet plan Answer Plan, most likely arising through De Los Rios history like a licensed nutritionist, standard packed treats aren't urged, actually De Los Rios is actually obviously absolutely no enthusiast from the diet plan business in general, selecting in order to avoid prepared meals as well as magic pill diet programs.

The actual Psychological Element & Long-term Strategy Concern

Individuals following a plan will discover De Los Rios strategy is all about re-programming the connection along with meals, a whole section is actually focused on the reason why individuals overindulge as well as how you can teach the mind with regard to long-term weight loss as well as wellness.

It might be reasonable to express this particular isn’t a fast repair diet plan, De Los Rios can make absolutely no statements for example ” Shed 10lbs within 10 Days”, the woman's strategy is actually much more delicate as well as long-term. This particular isn’t a fast repair, De Los Rios says, this really is much more the lifestyle alter, the re-structure of the present nutritional practises to some much healthier strategy you are able to stick to long-term with regard to optimum weight loss as well as wellness at the same time.

This diet Answer Plan Suggested Meals

The majority of fast foods otherwise each one is not really nicely viewed, prepared meals treats tend to be changed along with nut products, fruit, uncooked veggies along with other supplement as well as nutrient nutritional thick meals kinds. Just about all poor fat, hydrogenated body fat, sweet cereals, cakes, snacks and so on should be utilized really minimally if. Really moderate alchohol consumption as a little cup associated with dark wine is actually provided the eco-friendly gentle however just within restricted quantities.

All of us aren't able to provide the precise meals recommended because which is dependent completely which from the entire body kinds a person squeeze into, these details is just obtainable following getting the actual questionaire, however in common conditions, just about all processed foods tend to be away, natural, organic meals have been in.

Individuals consist of, no starchy veggies by the bucket load, a few fruit (not every nevertheless), slim beef, seafood as well as chicken, natural ova, uncooked nut products, coconut essential oil as well as flaxseed. There's a thorough listing of meals permitted for every physique, such as comprehensive diet plans.

When it comes to dietary supplements, De Los Rios, isn't a large enthusiast from the health supplement business, suggestions are usually minimum as well as concentrate close to wellness dependent dietary supplements, not really weight loss dietary supplements, individuals consist of green tea extract, seafood natural oils and so on. The concept is actually which through giving your self sufficient healthy meals, a number of other dietary supplements turn out to be much less essential.

The entire foundation for that plan is actually wholesome consuming, this particular isn’t for all those searching for a few extremely reduced carbohydrate short-term magic pill. Believe much more like 10-15 pounds within 6 days which remain away instead of 10-15lbs within 10 times that you simply go up support in order to following quitting upon what ever severe diet plan it's you’re subsequent.

This diet Answer Plan Workout program

This really is mainly the weight loss nourishment plan, nevertheless it will consist of 3 complete physical exercise publications including directions as well as pictures associated with the kind of exericise De Los Rios suggests, these types of are usually a mixture of cardio workouts coupled with opposition dependent period instruction.

Expenses as well as Structure

This diet Answer Plan happens to be $39. ninety-seven. There's a good update bundle with a one-on-one discussion using the writer as well as numerous extra audios as well as movies, this really is presently $59. The actual guide is actually given obvious whitened webpages, dark textual content, very easily printable, just about all webpages tend to be figures, you will find restricted pictures. You are able to purchase or discover more info right  HERE 

Professional Factors For that Diet plan Answer Plan

Not really a trend diet plan, the alternative. Much more the nourishment lifestyle plan, concentrating on long-term advantages, not really fast treatments.
Started within technology however described within laymans conditions.
Personalized diet plans depending on Entire body kinds, not really a 1 dimension suits just about all strategy.
Increased exposure of healthy, nutritional wealthy veggies, fruit, as well as slim meats.
Focusses upon wholesome fat with regard to weight loss reasons but in addition for enhancing center, locks as well as all around health.
Several diet plans, very easily flexible depending on body weight.
This diet enables an enormous number of foods as well as variants along with lots of flavor through herbal treatments as well as spices or herbs.
A good fast begin manual that allows the consumer to obtain straight into this diet directly from the softball bat.
Strong degree of e-email assistance with regard to nutritional queries.
Damaging Factors For that Diet plan Answer

Possibly the biggest damaging is actually this particular doesn’t focus on vegetarians in order to any kind of excellent level. Actually, it’s bad with regard to vegetarians in the event that you’re within the proteins metabolic kind.
Not really a magic pill design diet plan. Big weight reduction within 10 times is actually not likely. This diet focusses on the kilometer calorie debt, De Los Rios says which any kind of big reduce within calories from fat leads to the metabolic slowdown and for that reason a person find it difficult to shed excess fat anyhow.
Feasible costs along with the price of this program tend to be healthy food, for instance De Los Rios favors natural ova in order to “normal” ova.
Might have already been good to possess observed the discussion board exactly where just about all clients might discuss this program, however the e-mail assistance is actually suitable as well as quick, because had been the actual one-on-one discussion present in the actual luxurious bundle update.
General Summary For that Diet plan Answer Plan.

The actual “DSP” mementos an extended phrase wellness orientated method of weight loss, individuals buying magic pill diet plan might wind up dissapointed. This program includes a prosperity associated with research as well as information to aid it’s strategy along with a apparently limitless quantity of achievement tales that you can get about the Diet plan Answer Plan web site. The actual nourishment strategy is among the healthiest we now have observed, a powerful primary concentrate on veggies, fruit, supplement thick meals, slim meats, choose dairy products create along with a obvious method of not really anticipating 1 diet plan to operate for those entire body kinds.

There’s obviously the concentrate on all around health, intestinal tract, in addition to decreasing bloatedness, along with other common health conditions due to bad diet plan. The actual primary strategy would be to enhance the physiques general capability to procedure meals through consuming the best meals for the physique as well as metabolic process.

This program offers seem medical investigation at the rear of this, the rational diet plan as well as physical exercise component that won’t lose interest you to definitely holes. It’s insufficient vegetarian assistance is actually unsatisfactory, however all of us loved the very fact De Los Rios didn’t attempt to make sure you everyone, your woman authored the guide which provides as well as diluting this in order to allow for the meals option which rests beyond the woman's suggestions might have carried out this the disservice.

General all of us suggest This diet Answer Plan and therefore are pleased to do this, an extremely nutritious diet, in conjunction with moderated physical exercise along with a concentrate on enhancing your wellbeing although losing weight included in a general way of life strategy has got the thumbs upward through all of us right here.



Review of The Diet Solution Our Top-Ranked Weight Loss Program

Our top-ranked weight loss plan, The Diet Solution, was developed by certified nutritionist and exercise specialist Isabel De Los Rios. The system is billed as "The #1 Honest and All Natural Diet & Nutrition Program on the Internet."

Unlike many "fad diets," The Diet Solution recognizes that every body is different, so your eating plan is individualized based on your metabolic type. In fact, you'll take a brief "metabolic quiz" as one of your first steps in the program.

If you find you have a "protein" metabolism, your eating plan will contain more servings of protein than if you have a "carb" metabolism. The Diet Solution outlines how many servings of healthy carbs, fats and proteins you should eat per meal, and encourages you to eat several small meals a day so you never become ravenously hungry. That means there is no annoying calorie counting.

The Diet Solution is a comprehensive weight loss program that includes:

A Metabolic Type quiz

Lists of suggested foods and serving sizes

A variety of easy-to-prepare recipes

"Made-For-You" meal plans and shopping lists

Newsletters and fitness tips

The system also includes "14 Days to a Sexy New Body," a more intense version of The Diet Solution program which is designed to help you lose up to 10 pounds in the first week.

One of the biggest advantages of The Diet Solution is its interactive online community. On this members-only website, you can share recipes, keep your online food journal, and share accountability with other members. The Diet Solution's author, Isabel De Los Rios, frequently interacts with members and answers questions. Members appear to be enthusiastic about The Diet Solution. It also appears that members who have questions or concerns are contacted within 24 hours, often by Isabel De Los Rios herself.

The Diet Solution Review: Our #1 Choice

The Diet Solution was our top-ranked weight loss program because of its ease of use, the amount of weight members report losing, its effectiveness in both the short and long term, and the active online community and customer support. Because The Diet Solution emphasizes cooking healthful ingredients from scratch, you may save money versus a home-delivery diet plan like Jenny Craig or NutriSystem.

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The Diet Solution

The Diet Solution Program was created by Isabel De Los Rios, a nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle coach based in New Jersey. De Los Rios says that her plan gives dieters a way to change eating habits for life, develop a long term eating strategy and not just modify the diet temporarily.

The Diet Solution is based on the principle of metabolic type which categorizes dieters into three groups, each which has its own distinct dietary guidelines.

The Diet  Solution Basics


The first thing dieters are advised to do is to set up the mind for success. You should spend some time thinking about what you want to achieve in regards to your health, your weight and your life, then write down specific goals and visualize yourself achieving them.

Dieters are informed that there are three steps that have to be followed in order to achieve their ideal weight.

  • Eating in accordance with metabolic type.
  • Staying within ideal calorie ranges.
  • Consuming a variety of high quality food.

the-diet-solutionIn order to determine metabolic type dieters undertake a series of questions. Dieters are then categorized as a protein, carb or mixed type. Each type requires ideal amounts and varieties of healthy proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Detailed meal plans are provided for each type.

Dieters are encouraged to rethink the idea of snacks and to choose nutritious alternatives such as raw nuts, boiled eggs, fruits and raw vegetables.

Dieters are also made aware of the dangers of hydrogenated fats and are advised to strictly eliminate any foods containing them such as many crackers, chips, cookies, cereals, and margarine. Processed soy foods are also to be avoided.

One glass of alcohol is permitted per week, preferably red wine, however ideally alcohol should be eliminated completely. Two cups of coffee are allowed daily. Stevia is the only recommended sweetener.

It is recommended to keep a food journal, which will help you identify which foods and meals make you feel good and satisfied and which don’t, so that you can fine-tune your diet.

Recommended Foods

Ideal foods for The Diet Solution will vary depending on the dieter’s metabolic type.

Some of the recommended foods include: organic meat and poultry, organic eggs, fish, raw dairy products, raw nuts and seeds, fruit, vegetables, baked sweet potatoes, coconut oil, butter, olive oil, flaxseed, avocado, sprouted breads, stevia, raw chocolate.

A supplement of omega 3 oil such as salmon, cod liver, krill or flaxseed is strongly encouraged.

Sample Diet Plan


Breakfast2 poached eggs
1 cup sautéed spinach
1 pear
Morning Snack2 Tablespoons almond butter
1 green apple
Celery sticks
Lunch4 ounces grilled chicken
Salad with romaine, tomato, cucumber
1 cup asparagus
2 teaspoons olive oil
Apple cider vinegar
Afternoon Snack1 ounce raw walnuts
6 baby carrots
½ cup blueberries
Dinner4 oz salmon
1 cup steamed broccoli
Green salad

The Diet Solution Exercise Recommendations

De Los Rios recommends an exercise program that includes components of strength
and cardiovascular exercise including interval training, The download package includes 3 exercise E-Books which include clear instructions and photographs of the exercises.

Costs and Expenses

The Diet Solution Program is available for download for $39.97. A deluxe version is also available for $59.97, which includes extra audio downloads on the subjects of meal planning and goal setting.


  • Each meal includes high quality protein, which reduces hunger and maintains muscle mass while dieting.
  • Emphasizes foods high in the heart-healthy omega 3 fats.
  • Encourages the intake of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Includes meal plans and a wide selection of tasty recipes.
  • Meal plans can be adjusted to suit individual needs.
  • Teaches dieters how to select healthy foods in appropriate portion sizes.
  • Increases awareness of how different foods affect the body.
  • Explains many different aspects of good nutrition.
  • Encourages the intake of pure water.


  • Some nutrition experts have disputed the validity of the metabolic type.
  • Does not provide vegetarian meal plans.


This diet plan is highly nutritious and is based on the most recent scientific knowledge in relation to weight loss and nutrition. The program is geared towards long term success that will not only allow dieters to achieve their ideal weight but also increase knowledge about nutrition and their health in the process.




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