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How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally – Your Ultimate Guide to Losing Stomach Fat



Most of us desire a flat stomach, and we often ask the question “how can I lose belly fat?” Unfortunately there is no magic procedure and most of the time what is needed is in fact a change in life style. It is vital to remember that losing excess belly fat is not just important because of appearance, but belly fat can in fact be very damaging to our health and can lead to various illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Dieting – The Way to Lose Belly Fat Using Calorie Restriction

Dieting is one of the best ways to lose weight around your stomach, this does not mean starving yourself or eating foods you dislike, it just means making a few changes to the food you usually eat. It is recommended to eat five to six mini meals a day rather than three large and main meals. This is because it will suffice your hunger appetite throughout the day and it will also result in you eating less food as your portions will be smaller. In addition to this, by eating little and often you in fact boost your metabolism because the body burns more energy.



It is vital to drink lots of water throughout the day as it accelerates the fat burning process. Water also aids the functioning of the liver and our liver actually has the ability to burn reserved fat and convert it into energy.

When it comes to food, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so start off your day with a good and healthy breakfast. As mentioned the frequency of eating is vital, just as crucial is what you eat. There are in fact various foods which aid the loss of fat around your stomach, such as;fish, vegetables, dark chocolate, and fruit. However, there are also foods which do the opposite and diminish your ability to lose belly fat, these include foods that are high in saturated fat and sugar, and thus you should try and avoid such foods as much as possible.

Exercise – Stay Fit With These Exercise Routines

It goes without saying that any diet should be aided with exercise in orderto achieve maximum impact. Nevertheless, when targeting your stomach in particular, there are various exercises which will benefits this more.

Resistance training exercises:

Weight lifting exercises help your body fight fat by building muscle. By working on abdominal exercises your stomach muscles will get tighter as well as stronger. I would recommend doing exercises such as squats, chest presses, and dumbbell rows.

Cardio exercises:

These are extremely beneficial whilst attempting to lose weight, as they accelerate our heart rate and cause us to use more energy. If you can feel your heart beating faster and your breathing increasing, then you know it is working. Try to exercise on a regular basis, about three to four times a week is ideal. Find out about the best way to lose belly fat fast here.

Final words

Losing belly fat is not easy and a lot of effort is needed, however once you start to see results you will be highly motivated to put in extra effort. There are all sorts of myths about quick diets and slimming machines, however they are exactly that – myths, there is no secret answer to losing weight, but by exercising and dieting you can get rid of excess stomach fat.

In fact many types of slimming equipment on the market today actuallyreduce your metabolism levels which will actually cause you more harm than good. It is hard to lose weight, especially in this day and age where most of our time is spent sitting down in our cars or at a computer desk, however if you follow this basic guide you are guaranteed the results you want.





Talk With Your Health Care Professional 

If your health care provider tells you that you should lose weight and you want to find a weight-loss program to help you, look for one that is based on regular physical activity and an eating plan that is balanced, healthy, and easy to follow.

You may want to talk with your doctor or other health care professional about controlling your weight before you decide on a weight-loss program. Doctors do not always address issues such as healthy eating, physical activity, and weight management during general office visits. It is important for you to start the discussion in order to get the information you need. Even if you feel uncomfortable talking about your weight with your doctor, remember that he or she is there to help you improve your health. Here are some tips:

  • Tell your health care professional that you would like to talk about your weight. Share your concerns about any medical conditions you have or medicines you are taking.
  • Write down your questions in advance.
  • Bring pen and paper to take notes.
  • Bring a friend or family member along for support if this will make you feel more comfortable.
  • Make sure you understand what your health care provider is saying. Do not be afraid to ask questions if there is something you do not understand.
  • Ask for other sources of information like brochures or websites.
  • If you want more support, ask for a referral to a registered dietitian, a support group, or a commercial weight-loss program.
  • Call your health care professional after your visit if you have more questions or need help.


Ask Questions Find out as much as you can about your health needs before joining a weight-loss program. Here are some questions you might want to ask your health care professional:

About Your Weight

  • Do I need to lose weight?  Or should I just avoid gaining more?
  • Is my weight affecting my health?
  • Could my extra weight be caused by a health problem such as hypothyroidism or by a medicine I am taking?  (Hypothyroidism is when your thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone, a condition that can slow your metabolism—how your body creates and uses energy.)

About Weight Loss

  • What should my weight-loss goal be?
  • How will losing weight help me?

About Nutrition and Physical Activity

  • How should I change my eating habits?
  • What kinds of physical activity can I do?
  • How much physical activity do I need?

About Treatment

  • Should I take weight-loss drugs?
  • What about weight-loss surgery?
  • What are the risks of weight-loss drugs or surgery?
  • Could a weight-loss program help me?


A Responsible and Safe Weight-loss Program If your health care provider tells you that you should lose weight and you want to find a weight-loss program to help you, look for one that is based on regular physical activity and an eating plan that is balanced, healthy, and easy to follow. Weight-loss programs should encourage healthy behaviors that help you lose weight and that you can stick with every day. Safe and effective weight-loss programs should include:

  • Healthy eating plans that reduce calories but do not forbid specific foods or food groups.
  • Tips to increase moderate-intensity physical activity.
  • Tips on healthy habits that also keep your cultural needs in mind, such as lower-fat versions of your favorite foods.
  • Slow and steady weight loss. Depending on your starting weight, experts recommend losing weight at a rate of 1/2 to 2 pounds per week. Weight loss may be faster at the start of a program.
  • Medical care if you are planning to lose weight by following a special formula diet, such as a very low-calorie diet (a program that requires careful monitoring from a doctor).
  • A plan to keep the weight off after you have lost it.


Get Familiar With the Program Gather as much information as you can before deciding to join a program. Professionals working for weight-loss programs should be able to answer the questions listed below.

What does the weight-loss program consist of?

  • Does the program offer one-on-one counseling or group classes?
  • Do you have to follow a specific meal plan or keep food records?
  • Do you have to purchase special food, drugs, or supplements?
  • If the program requires special foods, can you make changes based on your likes and dislikes and food allergies?
  • Does the program help you be more physically active, follow a specific physical activity plan, or provide exercise instruction?
  • Does the program teach you to make positive and healthy behavior changes?
  • Is the program sensitive to your lifestyle and cultural needs?
  • Does the program provide ways to keep the weight off? Will the program provide ways to deal with such issues as what to eat at social or holiday gatherings, changes to work schedules, lack of motivation, and injury or illness?

What are the staff qualifications?

  • Who supervises the program?
  • What type of weight management training, experience, education, and certifications do the staff have?

Does the product or program carry any risks?

  • Could the program hurt you?
  • Could the recommended drugs or supplements harm your health?
  • Do participants talk with a doctor?
  • Does a doctor run the program?
  • Will the program’s doctors work with your personal doctor if you have a medical condition such as high blood pressure or are taking prescribed drugs?
  • Is there ongoing input and follow-up from a health care professional to ensure your safety while you participate in the program?

How much does the program cost?

  • What is the total cost of the program?
  • Are there other costs, such as weekly attendance fees, food and supplement purchases, etc.?
  • Are there fees for a follow-up program after you lose weight?
  • Are there other fees for medical tests?

What results do participants typically have?

  • How much weight does an average participant lose and how long does he or she keep the weight off?
  • Does the program offer publications or materials that describe what results participants typically have?

If you are interested in finding a weight-loss program near you, ask your health care provider for a referral or contact your local hospital. For additional, general information, contact the Weight-control Information Network (WIN).Top





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