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Many people think that most fat loss programs are fraud, but there are many people who were able to enjoy the benefits that those misunderstood programs offer. One of them is Fat Loss For Idiots which became one of the best-selling online products for weight/fat loss. The name may sound weird and eyebrow-raising, but this program has helped numerous folks in succeeding weight loss. So why are there Fat Loss For Idiots scam articles that circulate the net?

First of all, not everyone is compatible to a specific diet or fat loss program available. The more complicated and misunderstood a program is, the higher the possibility that people will look at it as a scam. It is also possible that a percentage of folks who tried Fat Loss For Idiots did not succeed at losing their target weights or they may have experienced weight gain when they stopped using the program.


The basics of Fat Loss 4 Idiots are based around four basic principles:

1. The Food that you eat is decided by a special Diet Generator on the website
2. You Eat 4 or 5 times a day until you are satisfied but not overfull
3. You go on the diet for 11 days and then take three days off and eat what you want
4. You do a bit of walking everyday

You do not live on this diet for life but instead Fat Loss 4 Idiots teaches you how to eat correctly and after you have lost your weight you know how to maintain at a good healthy weight. After that quick weight loss it is important that you continue eating according to the plan and get some exercise of any kind and you will continue losing weight. The way the diet cycles means that you should lose weight every week with no bad weeks at all.


Before you assume that there is truth to the Fat Loss For Idiots scam, it is advisable to look at the program's offerings and benefits first.

Fat Loss For Idiots is a program that follows the theory of calorie shifting diet wherein a person consumes various different amounts of calories per alternate day. This process confuses the body when storing the extra fat and this result in naturally higher metabolism. Having high metabolism allows people to lose weight naturally and this can be achieved by applying this program.

The Fat Loss For Idiots program also recommends drinking plenty of water each day and doing basic cardio exercises such as jogging and brisk walking. It is also standard for many diet and weight loss plans to include in a type of exercise in order for folks to achieve the full potential of the program.

While most folks believe that low carbohydrates and low fat diets can effectively lead to weight loss, Fat Loss For Idiots believes in a different approach. Having different types of calories in the diet and not limiting [but not overdoing] the amount food intake is recommended by this program instead.

Latest scientific findings prove that there are various types of calorie and each of them have specific effect/s on metabolism. Theoretically, by eating various types of calorie each day the body will be shocked, confusing the metabolism which will then causes rapid digestion that may result to rapid weight loss.

Those who have tried Fat Loss For Idiots may have experienced the increase in metabolism and possible weight loss over a short period of time. Adding regular exercises such as cardio and sports activities can give more positive results. With that said, this product may be worth a try especially if you are willing to include physical activity to support the program.

Some say that Fat Loss For Idiots scams is true, some say it's an innovative product, but the bottom-line is it's best to try it first before making the wrong conclusions. Anyone who wishes to try this program is entitled to a 60-day money-back guarantee and this is an e-book that you can download on your computer. If you do not like the program, you can return it within 60 days after your purchase.

With about 70% of positive feedbacks, it's best to think twice if Fat Loss For Idiots scam is true or not. Besides, what have you got to lose? It's basically risk-free with a money-back guarantee.

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