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LOST SOULS Learn How To Open Your Mind And Expand Your Being





When it comes to shedding off the excess pounds, one of the most stubborn areas which is difficult to work on is the stomach. Whether you call them love handles or beer belly, any excess weight that you have in the middle is not just an eyesore, but there are also health risks involved.

Anyone who has excess stomach fat are at a much higher risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and it can even lead to some forms of cancers.

If you wish to have a sexy, flat stomach or the ripped abs sported by Hollywood celebrities, you need to be in it for the long haul. The reason why it is so difficult to lose belly fat in the first place is that you cannot necessarily ‘spot reduce’ the excess flab in your belly.

When you’re under a fat loss program, it occurs systematically because you cannot necessarily control where the fat comes from.  Once you spend time doing a physically exhausting activity, you will burn energy from all areas of the body – not just from the stomach area.


Now, what are the things that you need to do in order to lose those much-mocked love handles? Here are five tips to get you started on losing the excess flab in your belly:

1. Watch what you eat and drink up.

There are a lot of fiber-rich foods which will make you feel fuller faster – and this is a great way to start watching what you eat while you’re on a mission to lose belly fat. You should also drink plenty of water to flush out the harmful toxins in your body.

2. Work on losing the excess fat in the rest of your body first, prior to working on your belly fat.

Did you know that it is possible to actually have six-pack abs without your seeing it, because it is covered up with a layer of fat? This is precisely the reason why you need to work on shedding off the excess fat in the rest of your body first, before you can target sculpting your stomach.

3. Do more cardiovascular exercises rather than scrunches or sit-ups.

Sit-ups and leg raises recruit the hip flexor muscles rather than the abdominal muscles. Instead of doing these exercises, use the alternative workout routine of doing crunches, hips lifts and reverse crunches.

4. Work out with weights.

Again, do not just train your abs but work on your entire body. Remember this rule when working out with weights, and you’re good to go.

5. Be patient!

Finally, keep in mind that losing fat takes time, so it’s best to get started now. Work on reaching your ideal weight first and ditch those schemes which promise that you’ll lose a number of pounds in a certain number of days. Doing it the old school, slowly-but-surely kind of way is the best method to use.

It might take some time and a lot of effort on your part, but losing the excess fat in your middle portion will be a reward in itself once you manage this feat.


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