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LOST SOULS Learn How To Open Your Mind And Expand Your Being




About The Author: Isabel De Los Rios

Isabel De Los Rios is the creator of the Diet Solution Program.  De Los Rios is a renowned certified nutritionist, exercise specialist, certified strength and conditioning specialist, speaker, and author.  She is the proud owner of New Body – Center for Fitness & Nutrition in New Jersey as well as being an accredited Holistic Nutrition Coach. She educates clients regarding nutrition and diet through books, articles, and seminars.  De Los Rios graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in exercise physiology.

The Diet Solution Program Overview

Diet Solution Book CoverMany people want to lose weight, but they are not sure how to go about doing so.  We have all seen advertising for fast weight loss schemes and special diet foods that never seem to work.  We look in the mirror and weigh ourselves daily while being on a diet and working out.  There seems to be some reason why the weight never drops away quickly enough and we begin to think there is something wrong with the scale.  How can we work so hard and so long and have no real results to show for it?

Other people trying to lose weight have a difficult time finding a program that meets their time schedule and personal needs, plus is something they believe they can stick to. Many people begin the first week or two with high expectations and high hopes.  They do all the right things in regards to their diet and then decide that one slip-up is not big deal.  Then they make more and more of these little mistakes until, within a short period of time, they are back to their old habits.  They are eating the wrong foods or they stop working out and tell themselves it is because they have no time to really focus on a weight loss diet.

The Diet Solution Program’s philosophy is simple: increase the metabolic rate, increase the fat burning rate, and decrease the weight.  The formula of weight loss seems just as simple, but each person reacts differently to certain foods, exercises, and hormones naturally produced within the body.  By understanding how the body reacts to various foods, one can take a specific dietary approach to losing weight.  Some of the types of foods that people split into categories are carbohydrate, protein, or mixed.  The questionnaire and body type analysis are provided with the program to determine the diet best suited for individual body types.

The program provides a meal plan for every body type.  There are over forty recipes provided with the program and more than twenty full days of meals and snacks.

The Mental Aspect & Long Term Approach Issue

A person that goes on a diet requires a mental state that will allow them to want to follow the diet regimen.  Many people that join a weight loss program go into the routine with one of two expectations.  Either the person believes the program will work overnight and becomes easily frustrated when they step on the scale after following the diet perfectly, only to find out they have lost hardly any weight.  The other type of person goes into the program not believing the routine will really work and therefore does not put in the effort or time required to get the results they desire.

If a person is not truly motivated and dedicated to sticking to the plan they are using or if they do not have the proper goals for losing the weight — the program will fail.  The right goal to focus on is physical health.  Reducing body fat may be the ideal objective, but often just losing weight is not enough to make people follow through with programs.  However, if the person feels their physical health is realistically in jeopardy from not following the program, they are more likely to put the time and effort into the regimen that is required to lose weight and maintain a healthy life.

De Los Rios has re-established a healthy relationship between an individual and food.  Overeating is one of the main reasons for weight gain.  Part of the battle with weight loss is training the mind for long term fat loss as well as health.

The Diet Solution Program Recommended Foods

This program typically results in three to ten pounds of weight loss in the first week.  The plan explains why sugar is the enemy.  Of course, anyone that has ever been on a diet knows sugar is bad for health.  This program is different in that it illustrates what foods people think may be healthy but which are actually harmful.  Some examples of unhealthy foods include cereals and orange juice because these items turn to sugar in the body.

In order to understand why some foods are unhealthy and other foods are beneficial, we need to better understand how our body processes food and the sugars produced from breaking down food.  The body accepts the food a person eats and breaks it down into sugars.  A high amount of sugar leads to weight gain, this most people already know.  If the body does not receive enough sugar, it constantly feels hungry, cravings occur and there is an avoidable feeling of fatigue.  It’s at this point that people tend to eat too much sugar and overcompensate for the initial lack.  Also, the insulin in the body kicks in and a roller coaster of sugar consumption begins that results in too much insulin and subsequently makes a person gain weight.

With the understanding of how the body breaks down sugars in regards to insulin and fat, the question then becomes: What foods don’t have a lot of sugar?  The Diet Solution Program explains how carbohydrates are not the enemy as explained by other programs. There are carbohydrates that are good sugars and bad sugars.  The human body needs carbohydrates in order to function properly.  Advertising asserts that whole wheat foods are good for weight loss. However, the truth is that whole wheat foods actually cause the body to gain weight.  The carbohydrates that are beneficial for weight loss include sprouted grains, rice, spelt, millet, quinoa, sweet potatoes, fruits and vegetables.  Processed foods, on the other hand, are full of bad sugars and may contain harmful chemicals that can prevent the body from losing weight.

People believe that bad sugars and fats cause weight gain.  The truth is, without ingesting fat, the body cannot lose fat.  The right fats increase the metabolic rate, helping the body to shed pounds.  If the wrong fats are eaten, then the body gains fat.  What are the right and wrong fats?  The fats that cause weight gain include hydrogenated oils, margarine, canola oil, and substitute butters.  This may be contrary to other weight loss programs and what advertisements have previously purported.  Does it make sense that eating heavy oils aid in weight loss?  Some of the good fats include real butter, eggs, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, and raw nuts.

Some programs proclaim that the only way to lose weight is to count calories.  The reality is that calorie counting doesn’t work.  Not only is calorie counting ineffectual, it is one of the worst things a person can do when trying to lose weight.  In order for the body to lose fat, it needs to have fat.  The body requires a lot of food to be eaten in order to lose weight.  When the body works out or expends a lot of energy, more food is required to keep the metabolism running properly.  This means food must constantly be taken in by the body.  This program explains what to eat and what might be keeping a person from achieving individual weight loss goals.

Much of the population has turned to diet pills and supplements to try to lose weight.  There is no miracle pill that exists.  There is no fat burning pill that will make someone magically lose weight.  There is really no need for most supplement pills on the market.  Some fish oil pills may be helpful for a healthy body, but will not support weight loss alone.  It is suggested to follow the basic plan of eating healthy, nutritious foods and exercising.

The Diet Solution Program Exercise Program

The Diet Solution Program is mostly a fat loss and nutrition program.  The exercises De Los Rios suggests include high intensity resistance training for 15-20 minutes at a time, two to three times per week.  Moderate exercises are not recommended because this trains the body to resist weight loss.  The program includes three full exercise books, which contain instructions and photos of recommended exercises.  The workouts include a mix of cardiovascular exercises and resistance-based interval training.

Costs and Format

De Los Rios’ program is currently $39.97.  An upgradable package is available that provides a one on one consultation with De Los Rios herself.  The upgraded package also includes audio content and videos for $59.  The deluxe package upgrade is a great opportunity to discuss with the author any dietary restrictions, individual reasons why one’s body is not responding to other weight loss programs and to determine the best foods and exercises to make this program successful.

Pro Points for the Diet Solution Program

  • The program is a nutritional lifestyle for a long-term, healthier person
  • Simply explained and organized layouts describe the weight loss plan fully
  • Customized food plans for all body types
  • Emphasis on healthy food with low starch, low sugars, and high proteins
  • Focuses on fat loss and living a healthy life
  • Easily adjusted meal plans for every body type and weight
  • Quick start guide to allow users to begin losing weight immediately
  • High level of e-email support for dietary and health questions

Negative Points for the Diet Solution

  • No catering to vegetarians
  • Not a quick fix diet plan.  Requires motivation and determination.  Without putting dedication and effort into the program, the program will not work.  The routine avoids calorie deficits and the metabolic decrease that cause the body stop losing weight
  • Increased expenses for buying healthy foods, such as eggs, poultry, fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Lack of peer support in a forum on the website.  The one on one consultation in the deluxe package upgrade is acceptable and knowledge-based

Overall Conclusion for the Diet Solution Program

The program provides a healthy approach to weight loss.  There is no quick fix to shedding pounds and this plan does not claim there is.  The regimen has multiple scientific studies and data to support its approach as well as numerous testimonials available on the website.  The program is very healthy and has a strong fruit, vegetable, lean protein and selected dairy approach to ensure both health and weight loss.

The basic approach of this program is to eat the right foods to create the highest level of metabolic rate for any body type.  There is a clear focus on the health of the body, such as reducing bloating and other medical conditions that are a result of poor diets.

The program suggests some reasons as to why people do not stick to the diet programs they try to go on and explains how this diet is different.  The program determines the bad and good carbohydrates and fats that exist and how the body uses these items to either lose or gain weight.  The program explains some of the exercises that will help push the body to build endurance and reduce fat.

Weight loss is not possible without also losing the traditional myths of foods to eat and workouts to complete.  The program provides the jumpstart needed to get on the right track to losing weight.  The plan offers consultation and support to motivate any person to lose weight and keep the weight off.  The program provides explanations as to what one may be doing wrong in previous weight loss programs to help remove those obstacles in this program.




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