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The Diet Solution – Stop Dieting… Start Eating

The Diet Solution – Stop Dieting… Start Eating
Many people have tried out all of the various diet concepts on the market today. From carb counting to Adkins programs, there are a wide range of possibilities out there that work for some people but somehow not for everybody else. The struggle to lose weight has now been simplified, thanks to the easy to follow the diet solution and the phenomenal results that come with following it.
Isabel de los Rios is the founder of the diet solution program. As a fully certified nutritionist and exercise specialist, she is well qualified to speak about the best way to lose weight and be physically fit. As a nationally traveling speaker, Isabel has taken this diet on the road to help more than thirty thousand people lose weight so far.

With the Diet Solution Program’s revolutionary concepts, Isabel lays to rest a number of popular myths about dieting. She explains the reason that cutting back on a person’s calories is perhaps the worst possible practice that one can engage in trying to lose weight. Counting calories does not work out for weight loss over the longer term. She also explains that carbs are really not the enemy. In fact, on the diet solution, a person is capable of partaking of a nice range of healthy fat burning carbohydrates. Isabel goes through the health foods that are actually not so healthy, and that cause an individual’s body to actually store up fat. Lastly, she relates to readers that a great amount of food has to be eaten in order for weight to be lost from the body. This is true despite the fact that numerous individuals have been misled into believing that the opposite is the case. Isabel relates how the only thing that limited food intake will cause a body to do is to hoard and store fat, instead of shredding it.
Three Principals of the Diet Solution Program
Isabel de los Rios has created the diet solution that is so easy to follow. While many other diets are tasteless and boring, or all consuming, her diet is fun and simple. In it, she stresses only three principals for anyone to follow. These are that it is important to learn about the foods that accelerate the burning of fat in the body. The second principal is to learn about the foods that are keeping the body from burning fat. Finally, the third principal is to combine the proper foods in a certain combination in order to achieve the best fat burning effect. These are all that is involved in learning to follow the diet solution program.
Foods That Are Discouraged Versus Encouraged on This Diet
Sugar and sugary foods are heavily discouraged on the diet solution. This not only includes the standard category of desserts, but also fruit juices and white bread, among other foods. Bad carbohydrates are also discouraged. This stands in contrast to good carbohydrates that are permitted, such as rice, grain bread, millet, sweet potatoes, and millet. Bad fats are also not to be eaten on the diet, while other good fats are encouraged. Bad fats are margarine, canola oil, and other substitute butters. The right kinds of fats will encourage a body to actually burn fat. These helpful fats include olive oil, real butter, coconut oil, and raw nuts. In other words, foods that cause the body to hoard fat are bad, while foods that encourage the body to burn fats are desirable.
Results of the Diet Solution
Typical results on the diet solution program are impressive. Average people lose between three and ten pounds in the first week on the diet. There is consistent weight loss each week after this too, though the amount will vary.








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