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LOST SOULS Learn How To Open Your Mind And Expand Your Being


Stinking thinking about divorce: limiting beliefs, define and defeat us Part 1

Surviving a divorce and get your life is closely linked to their beliefs. Human beings are largely the product of their beliefs and values. Our feelings, decisions and actions are determined by our beliefs about ourselves, our world and others. How can we interpret the impact of events and how to manage change determines our present and future.

We all have beliefs. The question is: "you are serving or evil?"
Our beliefs can make our life meaningful and enjoyable. Or you can make your life miserable when sent rational, valid or affirmation of life. I speak of these beliefs are self-limiting, self-hatred, counterproductive and have a negative impact on our lives. Another way to think of beliefs is that preconceived judgments.
As children and later as adults, we have been programmed, but the environment and experience with a variety of beliefs. Health beliefs, promote the meaning and value to life. Negative beliefs can be described with terms such as disapproval irrational, judgmental, self-pity, inhibition, restrictive and demanding, unnecessary, counterproductive, unreasonable or unhealthy or negative self-definition. The effect can leave us unmotivated, unhappy, less efficient, less confident, less satisfied, angry, sad, or any other negative emotions that we know.
A few years ago, I worked in a crisis center to deal with a wide variety of personal problems. Often, clients hear about what they "should", "must" or "must." All these "rights" are from around the world receive the indoctrination of children.

In Al-Anon have a saying that "should" on me. The point is that we are all programmed with a lot of messages on this internalized "should or should not do," "should or should not do" to become our operating rules and define our values, behaviors and choices. In other words, our beliefs determine our lives.
Not knowing better, then stick to these "rules" without assessing their validity or why we think and behave as we do. The result of trying to march to the beat of drums that can leave you out of step with his own life. Many of our "beliefs" about marriage, relationships, parenting and cope with the changes that life brings is defined by our beliefs.
One of the most powerful self-limiting beliefs that I hear very often gave me a name. He called the fatal "if only". "If only" I could do it, or "if only" I could have this, or "if only" could be in a relationship, or work, live my life would be good, or I'd be happy. "If only" is a type of self-limitation, self-defeating beliefs that puts his life on hold unless and until a condition is met. Life is what happens in the middle and "hope" criteria.

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  1. Super excited to see more of this kind of stuff olinne.

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