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What To Do When Panic and Anxiety Start To Take Over Your Life!

For people that suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, life basically sucks big time. I know! I have been there and done that. I believe it is one of the worst mental conditions to have. It takes over your life, making you afraid to attend social events, meetings, and avoid people at work. You feel trapped in your own body and you just want to get out.When I first started getting panic attacks I wasn't sure what was going on. I have always been able to control my emotions quite well, but now it was an issue. i started feeling lost and that I was a weak person. I kept it to myself and tried to put mind over matter. I was always able to do that with sports injuries. Block it out! Put it into a little room in my mind and nail the lid down on it. I wasn't able to do that, with any success, with my feeling of panic and anxiety. It was affecting my job and my family, which I knew, and of course made it worse. it was self perpetuating.When I found out that other people had panic attacks too it gave me some relief, but mot much. These things weren't supposed to happen to ME! I am supposed to be somehow above it and different. Ever felt that way? However, this was not enough to rid me of them. I started reading books on the subject and soon discovered that most of them shared common principles on stopping panic attacks and anxiety.The Underlying cause of Panic and Anxiety attacks is medically proven to be centered in a tiny little organ in your brain called the Amygdala. This is the root cause of all panic attacks and symptoms which can cause long term health issues if left untreated. It "stores" up all the feelings and symptoms of panic and anxiety, and then, "overflows" causing an attack. this overflow point is different in each individual. all the anxiety drugs in the world will not cure this organ. They help ease and mask the symptoms, but this little devil is the cause. You need to learn how to control it. That is the real path to a permanent cure.It doesn't matter when an attack will trigger, most of the time the attack triggers from some fear that has been building up in your mind until your mind has to let it out. You have to learn how to stop the intial build up. It doesn't matter that whatever fear is causing the build up is usually not a real bad thing. the only thing that matters is that it is a bad thing to you.There are some "home" remedies that can ease attacks and symptoms, herbs mostly, but they aren't a cure. Lemon Balm, Fever few, herbal tea, Lavender, St. John's Wort, and others all can help. Just remember, they aren't a cure. if you want to spend a ton of money on Doctors, drugs, and or counseling(how do you feel about your parents? good actually), by all means do it. I did. Didn't cure me but made my wallet lighter. be careful of some of the panic drugs. If the Doc guesses wrong(Oh yes, this is what they do. They try different ones and different doses until they get it right) then it could be a bad thing. My doc did and I almost committed suicied because it didn't work for me and made me far worse. OOPS!There are a few good programs that can be found online to cure your panic attacks naturally without drugs, counseling. etc.. The best thing I did was listen to a friend and purchase, quite reasonably,a program that guided me through the process of getting rid of my panic attacks for good. It took me by the hand and guided me the whole way. They had experts available if I needed to call or e-mail to answer my questions and keep me moving forward. I am glad to say that I am now panic free after suffering for years. I used the Linden Method which has cured thousands of people like me over the years. They take you by the hand, in the privacy of your home, and walk you through your brain, so to speak. They have easy to follow lessons and excersises and the master plan to show you the way to the cure and peace.I hope you get the help you need, even if your symptoms seem minor right now. They will escalate eventually and get out of control. Severe and frequent attacks can also cause some long term health issues.Thanks For Reading,Good Luck,scott
I am a 55 yr. old family man that has suffered from panic attacks for years. then through a friend, I found The Linden Method and my attacks were cured forever.


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