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Vitamin D – How Much do You Need?

Some studies have shown that adults need as much as 3000'5000 IU of Vitamin D per day, but the U.S. Food and Nutrition Board says 2000 IU per day is the max. But how does Vitamin D play a role in weight loss?

- Vitamin D is not only a vitamin, but also a hormone. It is part of calcitriol, a powerful steroid hormone that helps in the buildup and breakdown of healthy tissue in our bodies.
- Vitamin D helps our bodies absorb calcium, maintain bone density and muscle strength.
- Vitamin D also promotes normal cell growth in our bodies and works as a key factor in maintaining hormonal balance and a healthy immune system.

Of course many of us can get plenty of Vitamin D through sun exposure and that is the only way our bodies can produce it'when our skin is exposed to direct sunlight. But our obsession with blemish-free skin and belief in sunscreen to protect us from skin cancer, practically every American is severely deficient in D. So how much do we need? Some studies have shown that adults need as much as 3000'5000 IU per day, but the U.S. Food and Nutrition Board recommends 2000 IU per day.

What role does vitamin D play in losing weight? Vitamin D's direct role in calcium absorption is what makes it an important factor in how our bodies regulate weight. A study conducted at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis tested Vitamin D levels of 38 obese and overweight men and women while looking at a relationship between vitamin D levels and rate of weight loss. According to the study, vitamin D levels predicted subsequent weight loss success in subjects on a weight loss diet. When vitamin D was combined with a low calorie diet, the rate of success for dieters was much higher than those not taking a supplement. What can you do to get enough Vitamin D?

- The best way to help your body absorb vitamin D is to get a little sunshine in your life - at least 15 minutes a day.
- Make sure to include fish rich in Omega 3 oil, such as salmon, mackerel or sardines.
- Take a daily multivitamin; look for one that includes fish oil.
- Take a vitamin D3 supplement.
- Ask your doctor about Vitamin D testing.


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