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Panic Attacks & Alcohol – Alcohol May Be Causing Your Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks & Alcohol are a horrible mix. People often turn to alcohol when trying to get rid of panic attacks. What they do not know is that many times the alcohol could actually be triggering panic attacks. Alcohol acts as depressant and it messes with your mental stability. Having a drink will not help you relax and it definitely will not prevent the onset of another panic attack.

If you suffer from panic attacks alcohol tends to do two things... it will either stimulate you or cause depression. By consuming alcohol while suffering from a panic episode you are increasing the likelihood of depression and the onset of regular panic attacks. Research has consistently shown that the excessive consumption of alcohol leads to frequent panic attacks in subjects. People who consume alcohol also tend to dwell on the past and negative things which are triggers for a panic attack.

So will having one drink cause a panic attack?

No. One drink will not bring on a panic attack... but this is a slippery slope because people usually do not stop at one drink. If you suffer from chronic panic you should avoid alcohol at all costs as it tends to intensify your underlying problems which in turn cause more drinking.

When you combine panic attacks and alcohol there is a notable increase in erratic behavior... you need to understand the alcohol and panic attacks are a combination that should be avoided at all costs. You should limit the amount of alcohol you drink to avoid the unpleasant consequences.

When you're feeling nervous at bedtime you have to avoid having a nightcap. The myth is that a nightcap will help you sleep better... this is a myth as alcohol tends to have the opposite effect... and many times it leads to panic attacks at night due to the stimulating effects alcohol has on the brain.

Alcohol affects your brain patterns and body negatively. Panic attacks alcohol can act as a sedative or stimulant depending on the amount consumed as well as on the person drinking it. If you suffer from panic and anxiety is important that you cure your disorder before drinking. You're walking a dangerous line when you self medicate using alcohol... a dangerous line that often turns into alcoholism.

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