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How To Solve Panic Attacks? 3 Essential Tips You Need To Combat Panic Attacks

With this article I aim to introduce panic, as well as offer you important ideas you should know about if you are asking yourself "How do I get rid of panic attacks?" However, nobody can give you a complete overview of all the aspects of how to solve panic attacks in the space of one article. So I'm planning to write a series of articles with more information about conditions like panic or other forms of anxiety. Simply follow my updates.

Panic attacks are among the most terrifying experiences you could have in your life. If you are a sufferer, you know exactly what I'm talking about and how awful the feelings are. In my work as a psychologist I have seen how regular anxiety and panic can ruin lives. No wonder: it's sudden, it's intense, and it feels like something awful is going to happen. Let me give you a few examples of how panic sufferers themselves have described their experiences:

"I thought I was going to die"
"I thought I was having a heart attack"
"I thought I was going crazy"
"It felt as if I was going to pass out"

It is obvious then that panic attacks are very intense, upsetting and real experiences. But what are panic attacks? They are the sudden occurrence or rapid escalation of (often already existing) anxiety. The main symptoms are: palpitations (a pounding heart), lightheadedness or dizziness, nausea, chest pains, breathlessness, choking sensation, fear of dying, sweating, feelings of unreality, shaking or trembling , numbness or tingling, hot flashes or chills, and a feeling of going out of control or going crazy. People who suffer from panic often also suffer from agoraphobia, a topic for another article.

Everybody can experience light panic, for example when you can't find your keys or wallet. But a panic attack is simply a much more intense and sudden version of that. If you are suffering from panic, please realize that (and this might sound obvious) you are not mad, going crazy, or are a weird or abnormal person. Panic is common and also harmless. Sometimes people suffer from it so much that it can be called 'Panic Disorder'. But help is at hand.

I will write more about the ins and outs of panic, but for now I would like you to ask yourself three questions that might help you in your journey of finding out how to manage panic attacks.

1. What can I do right now to lower the amount of stress, tension (also physical) or worry in my life as soon as possible?
2. What situations do I prefer to avoid and what are my true reasons for this?
3. What are my thoughts just before and during a panic attack? Thoughts are a key component in overcoming and preventing panic or anxiety attacks.

I look forward to discussing these issues with you in further articles. But if you are interested in this great programme designed to solve panic attacks successfully, then click here: Your New Life Starts Here

Dr Jan Banis has a doctorate in clinical psychology and has worked with people suffering from anxiety for years. He has written a helpful article about physical panic symptoms here: 3 Tips to Combat Physical Panic Symptoms

For more information click here

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